Best New Rock Songs 2021

This year has seen a return to live music after a long dormant period. Concerts and festivals returned and so it would seem did audiences in their thousands – thirsty for some great music and a feel of freedom. Predictably and understandably many of the top acts you would expect to re–emerge did so or have promised to do so with upcoming tours.

Please spare a thought for the many new bands waiting in the wings that have something to say and definitely something to sing about. Many of these bands don't have major record company budgets and legions of fans to immediately propel them into the limelight and on to the coveted playlists – many of which they'll have to pay for the pleasure of joining.

These bands don't have much prospect of making anything like the kind of royalties enjoyed by their peers.

New For 2021

Coolstar is a band formed to showcase the work of producers Gethyn Jones and Nicholas Bowen. This track, Homeland was written for a TV project which celebrates the music of 70s and 80s rock bands like the Who and Led Zeppelin. It's loud and triumphant and has the rock anthem feel about it.

Homeland feat. Ian Bartholomew on vocals celebrates peoples' home lands - places that so many in the world find themselves separated from either from choice or by coersion and war.

The song is available from streaming or download here or just watch the YouTube Video right now.