Best UK Soft Rock

Among recent songs that should have been hits! I Keep WALKIN' by COOLSTAR feat. Liam Wakefield is available across all major streaming and download platforms. Everyone has a favourite song they feel should have been a massive hit but failed to get enough radio play or publicity. It happens a lot and it's not surprising why so many people – and singers and bands are disappointed.

Huge Competition

Nearly 40,000 tracks are now being added to Spotify every single day! That's a great deal of competition. And when you look at radio stations across the world that are stuck with Top 40 or classic track formulae you wonder why those 40,000 tracks are worth the trouble! In the UK, Radio 2 add around 10 new tracks to their playlist every week. Not a lot!

Available for download and streaming at the usual places: Amazon, itunes, CD Baby, Spotify etc. HERE!

Forces TV

The single was featured recently on Forces TV and here singer Liam Wakefield tells his story.